Update #3

Now we're getting into the fun stuff!

december 18:
I spent the week between the end of finals, and December 18 on campus, doing work. I think I forgot to mention that in November, I ran and interviewed for the cadet wing commander position with my detachment at ROTC, and I was selected for the position.  It's a really awesome opportunity to stretch my leadership skills and refine some others that could use some help.  So I basically spent a week (while Thomas was still at his mom's) at the Det, working on all this stuff that has to be ready for spring semester.  It definitely kept me busy!

At the end of the week though, it was all about the hubs.  He graduated from massage therapy school!  We went to Temple Square before the graduation and his awesome sister Cindy snapped a few photos of us and him.

That is totally my scarf...he stole it.

And here's my cornball trying to be dramatic.

He was really done taking pictures by this point. :)

Sorry, it's super blurry, but it's the only one where I don't look like I'm on drugs.  Camera flashes make my eyes droop really bad so I look like I'm tripping on something.

Now on to the fun part of the evening! We went up to the U, and Thomas finally graduated! Yay! Here's some pics.

About to be called...

Walking across the stage...

Receiving his diploma...

Really excited to be done!!

I was going to post the video of him walking across the stage, but then I realized that they announce his full name and I'm not a huge fan of letting the whole world know my husband's first, middle and last name.  Oh well. Suffice to say that it was AWESOME and I am SO proud of him! :)  If anybody needs the skills of a licensed massage therapist, give us a call or email!


Tenika Dennis said...

Congrats to Thomas! And to you Kara, for getting him through it.