Because as a wife, yeah, I'm THAT awesome.

My husband has a problem. 

He likes to lose things.

Important things.

Not things like the newspaper, or last month's gas bill.

VERY important things.

Like wedding rings.

Like HIS wedding ring.

Multiple times.

And guess who's always the one who finds it?

Yes. His TOTALLY awesome wife.

So when hubby told me that he lost his ring AGAIN two months ago, my shock was fairly uneventful.


And when he also asked for a new wedding ring for Valentine's Day, I went searching through the nearest K-Mart for the best ring that $15 could buy.

Even then, I had a hard time spending that much cash on something I knew would be lost next week. So I didn't buy it.

And when the lovely wife was doing laundry last week, guess what fell out of the dryer?

The infamous ring.  That just won't stay lost.

So when Valentine's Day came around, guess what I decided to give hubs for his totally awesome gift?

Oh yes. 

I re-gifted to my own hubby.

Best Valentine's Day EVER.


Ryan & Amanda said...

That is the greatest idea ever!!!

Air Force Blues said...

Ha ha ha!!! I love it. That is one thing I don't have to worry about getting lost. I know that if I take mine off it will get lost so the answer is Don't take it off. The only time mine comes off is to have it cleaned. Chris takes his off to spin it on the table for Makena, but other than that it does not come off his either.

Miss Angie said...

Haha! Awesome!

Chelsea said...

Wish I was that awesome. Brig lost his ring about 3 months after we got married and it never showed up again, so he now rocks the Wal-mart brand. :)